What’s next for Black women?

Further to Walk 

to deploying our political power

Adultification of girls, school/prison pipeline, unjust sentencing must be top of race discourse.

We also need space to form meaningful relationships and integenerational connections.

Preparation of young Black women for political office is possible and achievable.

We want to be able to know who is marching with us, who is in the room.

We need to stop the perpetual violence against Black women.

This nation owes Black women everything.

Various forms of reparations necessary for centuries of gendered racist violence

Black women are marching in the name of our slain, foremothers and generations to come.

We can no longer hide from what happens to Black women's bodies in the criminal justice system.

Black women face a number of obstacles in the aftermath of violence.

Outcomes-based projects can increase civic engagement, base-building and voter empowerment

We must educate on the political process and Black leader development.

Women in policy discussions means significant impact of women voters in political process.

We must strengthen our connection to other women who are mobilizing in the South.

There isn’t enough noise being made when black girls and black women are raped, murdered...

Cease all threats of deportation of immigrant women which may cost them their lives or safety.

We need love and compassion. We must love, protect, trust, believe each other

We marched because we are tired of being tired” and know we have the power to change current system.